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I should be studying… April 29, 2010

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I have a test this afternoon. It’s the end of the semester and I am BURNT out. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still keeping my grades up. But my heart is not in it. Plus, I decided this week that I do not want to pursue an RN degree. That makes it even harder to stay focused. Bah.

On a brighter note, after the test Jason and I are going to Whole Foods (in the South Loop – the good one), and then to Chinatown to stock up on tea and have dinner. And tomorrow morning, we are meeting our dear friend Drew for breakfast before he leaves town again.

On Saturday, we have a dinner date with other friends of ours. The menu plan is: RAW. We’re all gearing up for detoxing, so this will be a great way to enjoy food and conversation, without laying on the oils & fats. I’m planning to make veggie sushi (with basil-almond pate). It’s delicious. I just started some seeds to sprout. They make a great addition to the filling and are packed full of nutritional surprises.

Off to the garden! I have some seeds from the Seed Savers Exchange that will be better off in the ground than sitting on my shelf. I hope it’s not too late for the Sunberry bushes!


For Starters January 13, 2010

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Today is the 7th day of my 27th year.  I had planned to do this a week ago, and I would have had a great starting line – that it was the 1st day.  Alas, I am not good at keeping up blogs.  So here we are on the 7th day.

This morning Jason (my partner) and I went swimming at the local pool.  I am learning to swim after years of fearing the water.  I exert so much energy to go a short distance – so little stamina.  I believe that as swimming becomes more natural, I will be able to swim for longer.

When I was younger, my parents enrolled my sister and me in swim lessons for several years.  With a combination of self-conciousness and wanting to keep my face dry, it was not the right time to swim.  These days, I go to the pool during the senior aerobics class.  It feels very safe.